Video marketing action plan

Video marketing action plan

It’s time to create an effective marketing action plan for your product or service. according to Forbes, 2017 was “the year of videos “, and 2018 is set to be even bigger, your see Facebook now generates over 8 billion video views per day, and YouTube reported that mobile video consumption is increasing 100% .every year. nowadays a lot of peoples spending their time on mobile video advertising is expected to grow by a staggering 49% in 2018, to reach an incredible $15 billion dollars. So to help you and your business take full advantage of the explosive growth of video, we’d like to give you an our.7step video marketing action plan for 2018.

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Step 1: start with the end in mind.

The first thing you need to do is obscure  why you are creating videos .what action do you want people to take after watching your video, and how will this action help your business grow, Too many business owners focus on just getting “views” or like “without thinking about how their videos are actually going to impact their business .the fact is that “views and likes” won, t help pay the first you know more about your audience and their expectations, you’ll be able to tailor your talk to make it more interesting. Your audience will be engaged and satisfied, and what your “call to action “will be at the end of your videos.

For example: if you sell a product, your call to action might be to offer people a free trial of your product, or if you run a removals company your call to action might be to get people to ring you for an obligation free quote.

Step2: know your audience

Once you know what your call to action is going to be, the next step is to get crystal clear on who your “audience is.A great way to do this is to create an “entrepreneur “. This is a picture and description of your customer. Your description should include your customer‘s gender, age, and a list of major problems they are currently facing. Then before you create any ads or video content, you should spend a bit of time getting into the shoes your ideal customer .you need to understand what they need now  , and how you can help them . also ,when you’re writing your script, keep your customer avatar in front of you , and write directly to them .imagine that they you are chatting to them . you get more leads because the customer can feel like you understand them. it can help you to achieve your marketing.

Step3: focus o frequency

The key role of effective video marketing is publishing frequency. if you make one video in one month then you can’t expect more leads.  it’s better to make a video weekly once where that video can show more effect on your business, where a video per day can grab more attention of your customers. For example, the YouTube logger Casey nested took 5 years to grow his subscriber base to 500 thousand viewers’ .however, when he started an additional 500 thousand viewers in just 5 months and now he has over 8.7 million subscribers!

Step4: use existing content

Now you might be wondering how you can possibly make a new video every week or even every day. One powerful shortcut is to make use of your existing content .for example if you have a blog and you’ve been publishing an abundance of content.  Think once of each blog posted as a readymade video script that can turn you into a professional video in a minute.

Step5: use proven video templates

Another great tip is to never start from scratch and wait for “inspiration to strike “because you’ll inevitably end up .with writer’s block. Instead of starting at a blank computer screen wondering what kind of video to creating make sure you develop a library of proven video templates .for example you might have a :top 5 tips” video template or a case study” templates, you can quality fill in the gaps, and produce high –quality content videos quality and easily, without the stress and drama associated with starting from scratch.

Step6: use Automated video creation.

In the older days, it used to take days and cost hundreds of dollars to transform a blog post into .a professional looking video in software field. But thankfully the days of making videos manually are finally over. Now you can simply take a blog post or article drop it into an app like content samurai and with a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a complete professional looking video. If your 2018 video each week, or each day, then using an automated video creation platform like content samurai will be critical to your success.

Step7: native boosted Distribution

Once you’ve created your video content, the final step is to publish it to all the major content platforms.in2018 youtube, facebook and twitter are a good place to start you can also consider linked in, snap chat and Instagram. Depending on the nature of your business. There are two important things to remember when before publishing your content. First, always publish your content natively o each platform. This means instead of posting a YouTube link on Facebook, you should take the time to actually upload your video to YouTube and Facebook. And the second thing to consider is to pay to boost your content on each platform if you the best possible chance of attracting new viewers and kick-starting a viral flood of traffic to your business ok, so that’s our 7step video marketing Action plan for 2018

If you follow a few simple steps your video marketing will be easier, more effective and will have a much bigger impact on the growth of your business this year.