Digital marketing and it’s elements

Digital marketing and it’s elements

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is the use of digital sources based on an electronic signal like the internet, digital display advertising and other digital media such as television, radio, and mobile phones in the promotion of brands and products to customers of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. In simple words, we can say digital marketing is simple marketing. It applied marketing tactic online. And the first rule of marketing is to make the right offer in the right place at the right time. Digital marketing helps you do just that by reaching your ideal customers where they already are online. And Yes , there are different elements you’ll need to learn -8 to be exact. But they all work together to create a foundation for your business: attracting prospects, nurturing a relationship, and making offers that drive conversions.


8 Elements of Digital Marketing Plan:

  • Online advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization:
  • Online Content and Blogging
  • Web PR
  • Social Media Management and Listening.
  • Email and Online Newsletter Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Web Analytics.

 Develop a website rich in content, while keeping SEO [search engine optimization] in mind and connect with your customers through social media.

Use the 8 elements above to improve interaction with customers. Use the email address you have gathered from newsletter signup to build a database of verified contacts. This list can then be used for future marketing and email campaigns.

The future of online marketing is promising. Your business can’t afford to ignore it. You might just wake up one day to the reality that your company has been a success, or simply forgotten.